We now offer a product called Fluid Film Undercoating, This product was originally developed for military use to prevent Rust and Corrosion from destroying Military Vehicles and ships and has carried over for civilian use!! This product is environmentally safe and is sprayed on the underside of your vehicle once a year to stop rust and corrosion from happening on anything, Cars, Trucks, Plows, Machinery and anything else you would like to stop or prevent rust and corrosion on. Fluid Film is a very affordable product and service to get done vs Traditional hard undercoating or Rubberized undercoating, Once applied it stops exsisting rust on contact and new rust and corrosion from developing!, It contains no solventsand will not become sticky or gum up or leave a mess, It creates a non-drying barrier that seals out moisture and air which causes rust Fluid Film Application Services Small-Medium Cars        $150.00

Large Cars, Trucks        $180.00

These prices include the application service and the Fluid Film

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